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Alpenhof Hotel Zermatt Matterhorn
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Code of conduct

We follow a sincere code of conduct here at the Hotel Alpenhof, of which we are especially proud of its implementation and the benefits that these core values provide. These essential core values explain our contact with our guests, customers and collegues. This code of conduct is the realisation of the philosophy of the day to day running at the hotel. It is our obligation to understand and follow this code of conduct and to act on the core values contained within it.

1 Valuate doesn’t appraise
Our behaviour is embossed through esteem. We always greet our guests and each other kindly and show interest in the individual.
2 Colleagues & Honesty
We greet each other, our guests and customers with sincerity to work on developing close partenerships. We see contracts as reciprocal agreements.. We always aim to maintain agreements. We see contracts as reciprocal obligation.
3 Content guests like to give more
We don't want to lose any guest. Our guest’s satisfaction is is each staff member’s responsibility.
4 Complaints are Opportunities
We take the needs and concerns of our guests seriously. Should you be the recipient of a complaint you should be responsible and pro-active in solving the issue at hand. The complaint and your actions after should be documented.
5 The best of the best, The Alpenhof
We work constructively to improve our business. As a team we document and propose solutions in areas which we think we could be more proficient. To improve our business we will implement constructive changes.
6 We all pull on the same cord
Our business goals are shared and communicated to the whole team. Every team member has the right and the duty to express a valuable opinion in the areas pertaining to his or her work. To obtain our business goals it takes the effort of an individual, the cohesion of the team (right up to the highest echelons of management) all working together. No one’s contribution is discounted
7 All for One and One for all
At the Hotel Alpenhof everyone is treated equally, each individal performing a vital link in the chain. We work as a team; each with mutual responsibility. It is imperative for us to put collective total interests of individual interests. Experiences are shared readily amongst us all. We all learn and evolve from ane another and work selflessly to attain our goal.
8 We learn for us
We stand by and suppport continuous learning. Alpenhof actively supports its staff with their technical and personal development. We will also support privately, personal and vocational further educational advances.
9 Cleanliness and Tidiness
Team work is encouraged, and every active team member is vital. We encourage you to actively and individually maintain your responsiblity for the maintenance and improvement of the hotel ambience and appearance, for both ourselves and our guests. Since we work in such an outstanding beautiful environment, we expect and encourage all our staff to uphold theses values with the resources made available to them. From the hotel exterior to the interior each individual is expected to maintain and enhance our surroundings.
10 Clothes make the People
As an active team member of the staff at the Hotel Alpenhof, you are expected to maintain a high level of personal appearance and cleanliness, as you are the personal front of our business. You make the hotel what it is and our guests have you as the interface. You are our image to the world. A high level of dress code is always maintained, personal appearance is something to be proud of. Outwardly you are expected to talk with positive attitude. Problems and concerns are to be discussed with those managers responsible. In the Alpenhof, privately behind the scenes will we be actively seeking and encouraging improvements for ourselves, the hotel and the guests.
11 Welcome to the Team
Alpenhof staff are known for their cordial, sincere and personal greeting. We hold eye-contact, welcoming smile and address our guests by names. Charm is our trademark. Our guests notice the fun and enjoyment that we have at work, - it enables us to maintain a pleasant, uncomplicated environment which is individual to the distinctive Alpenhof’s atmosphere.


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